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This skincare journal was made to help me refine my skincare regimen and keep track of how long I've been using each product. It also aids in determining which products are beneficial to your skin and which should be avoided!


The first step in developing a fantastic skincare regimen is to keep note of when and what products you use! I may be a bit of a slacker at times (I've gone a week without exfoliating), but my skincare calendar helps me keep consistent with my skincare practices.


This is a daily tracker with space for all of your morning and nighttime skincare routine.


I've also provided some room for notes so you can write down any additional information you wish to remember for that day. You can, for example, write down the vitamins you're taking, how much water you're drinking , any other health aspects you wish to keep track of, and how your skin is reacting to what you're doing.

Skincare Journal

  • Tracking your skincare regimen is a simple method to see which products are making a difference in the appearance of your skin and which are slowing you down.

    You can easily go back and check how long you've been using a certain product. Serums usually take 4-6 weeks to begin producing benefits. It's easy to give up on a product if it doesn't seem to be working and you've been slathering it on for what seems like an eternity when it's actually only been 2-3 weeks.

    This is also an excellent method for keeping track of supplements and vitamins. I recommend marking such days on your tracker if you get breakouts. This will aid in determining the root reason if a product or vitamin is to the cause.

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